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Leaven Visit

Mary from Leaven of The Fox Cities visited St. Mark’s Sunday.  She shared Leaven’s mission and history.  We presented her with a check for $1,000 from the proceeds of our Christmas Light Show and Basket Raffle.   St. Mark’s also includes Leaven in our budgeted giving and they are one of our Mission of The Month recipients.  We encourage you to learn more about how Leaven is living our ministry and how you can support them with you giving and time. 



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We fired up our “new” slush machine for the first time this Sunday.  Yum Yum!

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Pastor Bob Settles In

Pastor Bob's New Desk

Pastor Bob is getting moved into his new office.  He apparently did not like the big roll top desk so we moved in a smaller one to open up more space…

Welcome to St. Mark’s Pastor Bob!

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Pentecost Sunday 2016 – Speaking in Tongues

Pentecost Sunday 2016 – Speaking in Tongues from Jalanlee on Vimeo.

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Sunday School Christmas Program

The Sunday School Program was this past Sunday and what a way to kick off Christmas Week!

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2015 Sunday School Christmas-100.jpg2015 Sunday School Christmas-101.jpg2015 Sunday School Christmas-102.jpg2015 Sunday School Christmas-103.jpg2015 Sunday School Christmas-104.jpg2015 Sunday School Christmas-105.jpg2015 Sunday School Christmas-106.jpg2015 Sunday School Christmas-107.jpg


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VBS – The Fun Continues!

VBS has been a real blast!

We’ve learned about Jesus and life in Nazareth.
We’ve made sea salt hand scrub, necklaces, sheep and dug for treasure.
We’ve sung and had a million God Sightings!

See you next year!


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2015 VBS St Marks-10.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-11.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-12.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-13.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-14.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-15.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-16.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-17.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-18.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-19.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-20.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-21.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-22.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-23.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-24.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-25.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-26.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-27.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-28.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-29.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-30.jpg2015 VBS St Marks-31.jpg


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Pastor Jim Arrives

Our Interim Pastor Jim Wilson has arrived!

Welcome Pastor Jim!


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