“Here I Am Lord” – new stain glass windows installed

  On December 10th, we were blessed to dedicate two new stain glass windows, made possible by the generosity of our members.  The first two altar windows (installed and dedicated in  2002) were inspired by the first verse of the contemporary hymn ā€œI the Lord of Sea and Sky” also known as “Here I am Lord,”composed by former Neenah native, Dan Schutte.  The sea is illustrated by the waves at the bottom of the windows (complete with hidden fish). The night sky is represented by stars, a comet, and the moon. The daytime sky contains a center light (the sun) and two doves in flight.
   The two new windows incorporate the second and third verses of the song which reference snow and rain and wind and flame. The diagonal lines at the top represent the rain while the diagonals on the bottom indicate snow. The wind is symbolized by the upward curving ā€œSā€. The flames stand for the twelve disciples and the light they carry forth. 
   As the light shining through them is transformed into still greater splendor, so may our lives show the beauty of your manifold gifts of grace. To you, O God, be all glory and honor through your Son, Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, now and forever!


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